Birth of a Legend

France has yet to win a Rugby World Cup although it can lay claim to being a finalist on 3 occasions. 2 of them at Eden Park Stadium.
The title of ‘World Champion’ is currently in New Zealand’s possession and they have lead the World rankings since the turn of the century. Some would say ‘forever’!!

The popularity that the All Blacks enjoy originates from their excellence on the field and distinctive style of play that has gathered fans across the globe.
They espouse a passing and running game that is the envy of the rugby playing world.

The All Blacks are without doubt the benchmark by which rugby is measured. They thrive on their cleverly managed legend that dates back to 1884 …
A blend of tradition, world class sporting talent and outstanding sportsmanship.



It all began in 1884 when the first rugby team chosen to represent New Zealand set off by boat to tour Australia. They played 9 matches, they won 9 matches.
The Legend began.

In 1905 the New Zealand rugby team made its first tour to the Northern Hemisphere. They became known as “The Originals”. Since 1884 The All Blacks have played more than 500 matches and won a staggering 80% of them with a success ratio that is unparalled in rugby or indeed any sport.

From day one the All Blacks have been described as captivating for spectators, troubling for opponents and enticing for sports fans everywhere.

French journalists often say that “The All Blacks are dressed for their opponents funeral”. In truth the jersey takes its origins from early team captain Thomas Rangiwahia Ellison, who during the first general meeting of The New Zealand Rugby Union in 1893, suggested the team wear black. They have done ever since.
A black jersey with a silver fern.

Gareth Edwards, ranked as one of the finest players to ever play rugby said “The blackness of the All Blacks jersey sent a shudder through your heart”.


The Classic All Blacks — the Team and -
the Brand

The historic jersey design worn by “The Originals” is still worn from time to time by The Classic All Blacks, a team made up of former All Blacks and talented New Zealand Rugby players who are no longer under contract to New Zealand Rugby. Many of these players are still able to ply their trade around the world as professional rugby players.

The Classic All Blacks first assembled in 1988 and reunites on special occasions to celebrate the legacy that is All Black Rugby.

Classic All Black matches bring with them an atmosphere that extends way beyond the final whistle. They have given birth to an International Sportswear Brand that honours 135 years of tradition and amazingly enough, the exclusive worldwide rights to the brand have been entrusted to a Frenchman.

TA partnership between Classic All Blacks and Pierre Andre’s Vintage Spirit Company began in 2011. The company designs, manufactures and markets the Leisurewear and accessories for men, women and children.

It took only a few years for the brand with the widely recognised and fiercely protected silver fern to convince the sportswear market in France. Thanks to its network of owned stores spread across France

The Classic All Blacks brand has become a key reference in the sportswear domain and distributed to more than 100 outlets under the New Zealand Rugby Spirit banner.

The Classic All Black brand has grown quickly as it trades with several unique advantages. The ‘OFFICIAL NZ Rugby LISCENSED PRODUCT’ status. A unique style and its well respected Value for money, All of which offer the brand a distinct advantage over its competitors in this field.

The Classic All Blacks play in France.

Vintage Spirit Company and The Classic All Blacks created a charity match on Wednesday October 7th 2015 in which legendary New Zealand rugby players wearing the Classic All Blacks jersey that had been Crafted by Vintage Spirit Company in a match in Toulon home to the multiple Top 14 winners and European Champions from South Eastern France.

The match honoured the short life of former All Black Jerry Collins who, with his wife, died in a car crash in France and served as a significant fundraiser for their daughter Ayla the sole survivor of the accident.

The event attracted nearly 11,000 spectators to Stade Mayol in Toulon, an exceptional feat given that the game took place on a Wednesday evening . As well as providing financial support for Ayla, the Classic All Black Brand built awareness, reaching a widespread audience.

Without hesitation the former All Blacks team members assembled in Toulon and proudly supported the brands clothing line both inside and outside the stadium thus becoming its ultimate ambassadors. Illustrious names like Carlos Spencer, Justin Marshall, Carl Hayman, Chris Masoe and Ali Williams offered a suitable tribute to their departed comrade Jerry Collins.


What's in store for the CLASSIC ALL BLACKS brand?

While the brand announces the opening of a new boutiques in the cities of Lyon in France, the development of Classic All Blacks internationally is underway! . Whilst mainly visible in France the brand also has a presence in Belgium, Spain and Italy and continues to develop internationally. Steady growth of the brand is due to its engaging name and well recognised logo and as well as its globally orientated marketing and the exotic appeal of New Zealand.

The future of the Classic All Blacks brand is undeniably bright.