Historical theme of the brand. The silver fern and sports slogan are ubiquitous. 

Theme’s colors are build around black, warm greys, beige and burgundy.
First declined within sportswear products inspired of former legendary All Blacks jersey, “Always Classic All Blacks” is still authentical but closer of our customers expectations.

This theme aim to be a classy sportswear collection mostly using New Zealand flag’s colors but warmer (navy, burgundy and off white) that’s the origin of the name.

Big contrasts something let blue and grey cameo to bring more elegance and refinement to this range of products. Flag or New Zealand national elements are making our most used printing.

Lake Wanaka is located in the south of New Zealand. This magical water place surrounded by wooded mountains let us dream about wildlife before winter.

These products are designed around robustness, warmth and comfort and declined in warm ranges of colors, reminding us of autumn (khaki, brown, blue-grey, rusty, honey and beige).

Our products marking are inspired by forest rangers badges and embroideries.